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Taurus and Scorpio

These two characters are very sexually attracted to, and have much in common. I know how Taurus and Scorpio to be very stubborn,jealous and possessive, and must trust each other to bu this relationship failed. Taurus has a need to have a lover physically, whileScorpio tends to posebuje lover in emotional terms. Scorpio is often not willing to compromise, but the bull will be stubborn in thethings that bother Scorpio. The connection will fail if they both push the boundaries of tolerance and if you gain the full trust of each other.

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This year all those born under the sign of the ram results in significant changes in the business. Good planetary aspects will provide new opportunities, which should be used in any way. Perhaps at first glance will not be easy to get the results you have imagined, but perseverance always pays off, keep that in mind. Rely on the help of close people and be wise, do not make decisions hastily. If you believe in achieving goals and if you think positively, you will easily achieve - this year the stars are on your side.
LOVE: All the rams are advised that until the summer settle all disputes and unresolved issues with loved ones, because they will be the time for it. When entering into new loving relationships mature, think, and do not be afraid of attachment. You will be much easier.You’ll meet someone who will give you everything you needed. Maybe it will not immediately understand, but just relax and enjoy.This year offers many beautiful moments in love or family life and a stable situation for those who are married or related.
BUSINESS: Start the year will be hard, it prompts you great effort and prove, but that every effort be worth it after this period you will be relaxed. It is quite possible that you will thrive in your job, or you might get an offer for a new job. In early March will take place some important changes, or reversals, which will have an impact on your life in the next 7 years. Bring every decision wisely, and be courageous. In early June there is the possibility of increasing revenues, profits and cash at all, and it will be until the end of the year.
HEALTH AND ADVICE: If you can save your optimism and positive energy, you will avoid bad symptoms. If you have a need to see a doctor, positive thinking are all that you recommend. Avoid stress and eat healthy. Nice spend more time in nature, that’s the best way to maintain mental balance. The second half of the year will be good, like the first, but only if you avoid all the negative influences of those around you. Believe in yourself, and do not let people affect you negatively.
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